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behind the box

I'm Ellen, the creator of Love in a Box and the person behind the boxes.


Starting in 2018, we brought a new concept in gifting to Ireland based on unique design and presentation. We curate beautiful items that we can put together to build a gift box - a modern (and improved) version of a hamper! And we only work with great designs and high quality products.

I have years of experience working in marketing and events. In 2017 my Irish husband and I decided to move countries. So I had to leave my job behind and took the opportunity to start a new adventure as a small business owner like I always wanted. 

It all started when I was 15 years of age and all I wanted for my birthday was a sewing machine. That was when I started making cute little stuff to give to my friends and I never stopped. 

Years passed and I got married in 2016. All I wanted was to make sure that people knew how important it was for us for them to be there celebrating such an important day with us. After all weddings are expensive to attend so we wanted to make it special for our nearest and dearest. I decided to do all the little extra bits myself - it went so well that my own wedding planner invited me to work with him. Unfortunately I couldn't as I was moving back to Ireland. But that confirmed in my heart what I wanted to do....create original gifts that make people happy and add unique touches so they feel welcome and special.

Ellen O`Briain

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