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Change the Date

With all the changes happening because of COVID-19, so many couples are wondering what to do - and we all know that there's a lot to do! 

One of the first things is to tell your family and friends that your big day unfortunately had to be postponed. 

Thinking of that, we put together some Change the Date digital cards so you can officially tell all your guests.

The best part? They're completely free of charge! It's just a small way that we can help you at this overwhelming time. 

If you don't know all the new details yet, it's ok! We can customise the message for you. 

All options are paperless which means that you won't need to be worrying about postage, addresses and etc. It's simple, elegant and quick! All you have to do is share via e-mail, whatsapp, Faebook, SMS, etc. 

use the coupon "free" at the checkout

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