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Time off in November
& Christmas Dates

I know it sounds crazy to take a break at the busiest time of the year for our type of business (and maybe it is!). But this year things will have to be a bit different...

I haven't been able to see family in the past 2 years due to everything going on in the world. So, now that some travelling restrictions are finally  lifted I'm going home - and I'm going home for a whole month! So for this reason we won't be processing any orders from the end of October until end of November (dates & details below)

I'm sorry if I'm letting you guys down at this time of the year. You all have been so supportive of our business at the most difficult times and there is no doubt that if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't even be here today. But family is family, 2 years is way toooooo long and that's the right thing to do now that it's possible. 

Due to the timing (processing orders & all the challenges with postal services at the end of the year), we will have a limited number of boxes available for Christmas - I'm sorry about that! Please check our dates below:

Normal orders:
Orders placed from 29th October until 2nd December will be processed on our return and dispatched from Friday 3rd December. 

Christmas Orders:
All boxes can be dispatched closer to Christmas. If you would like to order early to avoid disapoitment, please select the option "Dispatch closer to Christmas" when placing an order. 

Corporate Orders:

We're already fully booked until December and unfortunately we're not in a position to take any new bespoke orders until 2022. 

We are a small business with a small team (like 1 & half people, and a cute dog!) & Covid hasn't made life easier. So unfortunately the only way we have to at the moment is to delay the processing times. We are very sorry about that and we hope this won't cause any incovenience to you. 

We will keep checking our emails and will respond to anything urgent. All the other requests will have to wait a bit longer but we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you very much for understanding! See you guys soon!!!


Lots of love,

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