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We all know that life is full of special occasions and special people. So why not make it even more special?

At Love in a Box you will find the right gift set and that extra little touch for every occasion. 

Every item for our boxes is carefully hand picked - some from local shops, small businesses, crafters and a lot of them are made by us!

No matter the celebration, the reason or the season, we have a box that is perfect for you and to make each recipient feel as special as they truly are.


need a gift?

Any reason, any season or just want to give something nice to someone special?

Personalised Gifts

make it personal

We carefully hand pick every single product, always thinking about what makes people feel special. It's not just pretty but also useful, thoughtful and original.

Gift delivery Ireland

we'll handle the rest

After carefully choosing each item we put it together beautifully. Its easy - let us do the job while you take the credit. We can deliver straight to their doorstep, office or even to you if you prefer to give it in person. 

our products


My mam got her gift box! She adores it, thank you so much! Such a sweet thoughtful present, she loves the decor & presentation. It was just perfect. A gorgeous gift, really such a lovely gift box!

Louise O'Sullivan


Thanks a mill!


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